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Alsic - Identity Construction in Social Media- 2017 -Volume 20, n° 1


Directed by Heike Baldauf, Christine Develotte and Magali Ollagnier-Beldame

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-  Heike Baldauf, Christine Develotte et Magali Ollagnier-Beldame

The Effects of Social Media on the Dynamics of Identity : Discourse, Interaction and Digital Traces

-  Fanny Georges

Digital eternities. Post-mortem digital identity from a semio-pragmatic perspective [Texte intégral]

-  Juliana de Nooy

How to be virtually French : Australian Facebook users’ co-construction of a Francophile identity

-  Katerina Zourou Identity and engagement in networked Open Educational Practice

-  Melinda Dooly Performing Identities in Social Media : Focusing on Language Learners’ Identity Construction Online

-  Susan C. Herring et Bradford Demarest

"I’m the first video Voicethread-it’s pretty sweet, I’m pumped" : Gender and Self-Expression on an Interactive Multimodal Platform