Autoformation et multimédia    Didactique    Linguistique    Ingénierie de formation

Sharples, M., McAndrew, P., Weller, M., Ferguson, R., FitzGerald, E., Hirst, T., and Gaved, M.

"Innovating Pedagogy 2013 : Open University Innovation Report 2" - 2013


Milton Keynes : The Open University

ISBN 978-1-78007-937-0

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-  Executive summary

-  Introduction

-  MOOCs

Massive open online courses

-  Badges to accredit learning

Open framework for gaining recognition of skills and achievements

-  Learning analytics

Data-driven analysis of learning activities and environments

-  Seamless learning

Connecting learning across settings, technologies and activities

-  Crowd learning

Harnessing the local knowledge of many people

-  Digital scholarship

Scholarly practice through networked technologies

-  Geo-learning

Learning in and about locations

-  Learning from gaming

Exploiting the power of digital games for learning

-  Maker culture

Learning by making

-  Citizen inquiry

Fusing inquiry-based learning and citizen activism