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CALICO 2017 - Multilingualism and Digital Literacies - 16-20 May 2017


Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona

Types of Proposals/Conference Theme

There are four types of proposals which may be submitted for review for the conference : hands-on workshop (half day, full day or two day), individual presentation (30 mins), panel presentation (75 mins), Technology Showcase presentation, and Poster presentation. The workshops, as the name implies, take place, usually, in labs and consist of teaching some hands-on skill to attendees, such as a web/mobile/other application for languages, lesson development using technology for a classroom, or introducing a piece of software to users. Individual presentations will take place during the two full days of the main conference. These presentations should address quantitative/qualitative studies of language technology, application of technology for classroom use or any of a range of language technology uses/applications for language acquisition. Panel presentations should involve multiple presenters offering multiple views of a specific topic and the longer time allows for a more in-depth coverage than in the individual session. Technology Showcase presentations typically take place the first night of the main conference in a more informal setting -- all presenters in a large room presenting simultaneously (no projection) while attendees may approach to discuss topics individually -- and for a longer amount of time, usually 2 hours. Presentations which are more demonstration-based work well as Showcase presentations. Poster presentations have so far been scheduled during the Showcase time and follow the same format. The theme of the conference is "Multilingualism and Digital Literacies", however you do not need to address the theme directly.