Instruction Giving in Online Language Lessons: A Multimodal (Inter)action Analysis

This concise volume calls attention to the instruction-giving practices of language teachers in online environments, in particular videoconferencing, employing a Multimodal (Inter)action Analysis approach to explore the challenges, affordances, and pedagogical implications of teaching in these settings.

The book examines the unique competences necessary for language teachers in multimodal synchronous online environments, which require mediating a mix of modes, including spoken language gaze, gesture, posture, and textual elements. Satar and Wigham’s innovative approach draws on Sigrid Norris’s work on Multimodal (Inter)action Analysis to examine variance in practices, combining in-depth micro-analytic analysis of mediation with a consideration of the modal density and complexity in the act of giving instructions. The volume shows how studying instruction giving can offer a better understanding of how online teachers mediate learning multimodally in electronic environments, but also research-informed guidance for practical implementation in the classroom.

This book is a valuable resource for scholars in applied linguistics, language education, and language learning and teaching as well as practicing online language teachers.

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