Internationalising Higher Education and the Role of Virtual Exchange

This volume introduces Virtual Exchange (VE) as an innovative form of online intercultural learning and investigates the myriad of ways VE is being carried out across universities, ultimately arguing for its integration into university internationalisation policies and course curricula.

Against the backdrop of increased digitalisation initiatives throughout universities given the effects of the pandemic, chapters focus not only on providing new research findings, but also on providing a comprehensive introduction and argumentation for the use of VE in university education and also in demonstrating how it can be put into use by both university decision-makers and educators. Reviewing the limitations of the activity, this timely work also fundamentally posits how VE and blended mobility more broadly could be developed in future higher education initiatives.

This book will be of interest to researchers, academics, scholars, and students involved with Open & Distance Education and eLearning, approaches to internationalisation in education, and the study of higher education more broadly. Those interested in innovative methods for teaching and learning, as well as educational research, will also benefit from this volume.

  1. Table of Contents

1. Introduction. 2. Definitions and origins of Virtual Exchange. 3. University internationalisation and developing global citizenship. 4. An overview of approaches to Virtual Exchange. 5. Impact and learning outcomes of Virtual Exchange. 6. Towards an effective methodology of Virtual Exchange. 7. The role of international offices in Virtual Exchange. 8. Looking to the future of Virtual Exchange in university education.

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