Innovating Pedagogy 2021: Open University Innovation Report 9

Exploring new forms of teaching, learning and assessment, to guide educators and policy makers

Executive summary

– Introduction

– Best learning moments

Positive mental states for enjoyable and effective learning

– Enriched realities

Extending learning with augmented and virtual reality

– Gratitude as a pedagogy

Reflecting on attitude to improve wellbeing and learning

– Using chatbots in learning

Using educational dialogues to improve learning efficiency

– Equity-oriented pedagogy

Finding fairer ways to improve learning for all

– Hip-hop based education

Culturally relevant learning through hip-hop

– Student co-created teaching and learning

Teachers and students creating materials and curricula

– Telecollaboration for language learning

Using communication tools for collaborative language learning

– Evidence-based teaching

Using evidence from research to inform teaching

– Corpus-based pedagogy


Using authentic language data to support language teaching and learning Vous trouverez un descriptif en français des 10 tendances étudiées sur Liseo.