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Smart CALL -21st International CALL Research Conference

8 juillet 2022 - 10 juillet 2022

Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan

We define “Smart” as possessing three qualities: personalization, contextualization, and socialization.

Personalization is the extent to which technologies and learning environments are adapted to the specific profile of the language learner. Contextualization is how technologies and learning environments can be adjusted to the specific context of the learner. Socialization is the way in which technologies and learning environments afford meaningful interaction amongst learners, co-learners, teachers and researchers.


Contributions are invited based on your planned, ongoing or finished research, accompanied by an explanation of which aspects of your work can be called ”smart”. In line with our conference theme, our keynote speaker Mat Schulze will provide an overview of Intelligent CALL and what it tells us for future developments in the field.

The deadline for abstracts is 31 January, 2022.

The International CALL Research Conferences aim to:

  • promote CALL as a transdisciplinary endeavor and thereby contribute to the elaboration and dissemination of CALL theory.
  • stimulate the CALL community worldwide, especially (post)graduate students.
  • inspire language education in diverse contexts.
  • build bridges between cultures.
  • support colleagues in challenging political contexts.


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8 juillet 2022
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10 juillet 2022
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