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Education, Leadership, Research, and Policy 2021 (ELRP21) Conference (Virtual)

3 mars 2021 - 4 mars 2021

The Education, Leadership, Research, and Policy 2021 (ELRP21) Conference will provide the ideal opportunity to meet experts in education, social sciences, statistics, humanities and liberal arts education, public policy, environmental sciences, education economics, urban and cultural studies, researchers, and practitioners.


Scholars, researchers, practitioners, and graduate students are invited to submit their abstracts to be considered for presentation at the ELRP Conference. Speakers and presenters will share new concepts, best practices, knowledge,  experience, theories, and solutions, with a focus on promoting learning, professional development, education, and inspiration among professionals and academics in the fields of education, psychology, humanities, and social sciences.


Topics of Interest


The theme of the ELRP Conference focuses on (but not limited to) all areas of theoretical and empirical research in the following fields:


  1. 1.  COVID- 19 Pandemic, Overcoming challenges in Education

    2. Math Education, Learning, and Demographics
    3. Education Research, Leadership, and Policy
    4. Asian Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, and American Studies

    5. English, Critical Writing, and Literacy Education
    6. Distance Education, Technology, Pedagogy
    7. Higher Education in Middle East and Asia 

    8. Diversity, Race, and Gender Issues in Higher Education
    9. E-Learning, Technology, and Education
    10. Science, Technology, and Changing Societies
    11. Religion, Business, and Education
    12. Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences
    13. Counseling Psychology, and Academic Affairs
    14. K-12 Education, and Teaching Methods
    15.  Liberal Arts Education, and Humanities in Asia and Australia
    16. Cultural Studies, Market, and Information Science
    17. Leadership, Diversity, and Higher Education
    18. Education Equality and Multiculturalism
    19. Sociology, Anthropology, and History
    20. Education, Policy, and Community Development



Début :
3 mars 2021
Fin :
4 mars 2021
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