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Artificial intelligence in language teaching, learning, assessment, and research: opportunities and threats

18 avril

Faculty of Arts and Humanities of Kairouan – English Department


Educators seek a multitude of opportunities in harnessing AI-powered capabilities, particularly in the field of ELT, to enhance support for less skilled learners and explore new dimensions and emergent pedagogies in the current educational system. AI- driven learning/ teaching, if adequately recognized, can endow both learners and educators with many inspiring and motivating pedagogical potentials. They are actively investigating how AI can facilitate the creation and enhancement of educational materials, as well as the process of selecting and adapting content for use in their teaching. However, educators are not oblivious to the emerging risks associated with these new technologies. While recognizing the significant usefulness and power of AI, they also acknowledge the accompanying concerns regarding data privacy and security. There is wariness that AI can generate content that is inappropriate or inaccurate. They have also observed instances where students might pass off the work of others as their own, in ways that may go unnoticed or misunderstood by AI models.


The event serves as a unique forum for scholars, educators, and industry experts to explore the innovative ways AI impacts language education. This event aims to dissect the numerous opportunities AI offers, such as personalized learning experiences and instant feedback, while simultaneously addressing the potential threats, including concerns related to privacy, job displacement, and the risk of (un)intentional plagiarism facilitated by AI tools. Fostering these discussions and encouraging the exchange of ideas, this study day aims to pave the way for a future where AI and language education coexist effectively, harnessing technology’s potential while responsibly managing associated challenges, including those connected to originality and plagiarism.




Themes include (interalia):

AI-Enhanced Language Learning Environments

Personalized Language Learning with Artificial Intelligence

AI-Powered Adaptive Language Assessments

Data Privacy and Security in AI-Driven Language Education

AI and Teacher Roles in Language Education

Emergent Pedagogies: Exploring AI in Language Teaching

Ethical Considerations in AI Language Assessment

Instant Feedback and Language Learning

AI-Enhanced Material Creation for Language Education

Addressing Privacy Concerns in AI-Powered Language Learning

Job Displacement and Language Educators: Challenges and Solutions

Originality and Plagiarism in AI-Assisted Language Assessments

Innovative Approaches to AI-Powered Language Assessment

AI and Multilingual Language Learning

AI-Driven Tools for Language Teachers

Effective Implementation of AI in Language Learning

Language Assessment Validity and Reliability in AI Contexts

Language Testing and AI-Based Scoring Systems

AI and Student Motivation in Language Learning

AI in the Context of Multilingual Education: Challenges and Opportunities