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TEPE 2024 – Innovation in teacher education: sustainable change & evaluating impact at macro, meso and micro level

20 mars - 22 mars

The four main topics are:

  • Theme 1: Innovation in Theory-Practice Connection: Typologies, modalities, and process of innovation and their impacts in connecting theory and practices.
  • Theme 2: Digitalization’s Impact on Teacher Education: Contribution of new media and digitalisation in innovation and questioning impacts in teacher education.
  • Theme 3: Sustainability in Teacher Education Innovation: The role of sustainable development (environment and climate change) to foster innovation in teacher education.
  • Theme 4: Teacher Mobility and Innovation: Innovation towards a European teacher and European TE; questioning the innovation in teacher mobility and impacts.


Début :
20 mars
Fin :
22 mars
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TEPE : Teacher Education Policy in Europe Network
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