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Learning, Media and Technology, Volume 39, Issue 3, 2014


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À noter : un article sur les Moocs.

"Unpacking MOOC scholarly discourse : a review of nascent MOOC scholarship" de Maureen Ebben & Julien S. Murphy

The rapid rise of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) signals a shift in the ways in which digital teaching and learning are engaged in and understood. Drawing upon a comprehensive search of nine leading academic databases, this paper examines the initial phase of MOOC scholarship (2009-2013), and offers an analysis of these empirical studies that conceptualizes themes in MOOC scholarship and locates them within a chronological framework. Two key phases of scholarship about MOOCs are identified, each with associated research imperatives and themes. Phase One : Connectivist MOOCs, Engagement and Creativity 2009-2011/2012. Themes of Phase One include : development of Connectivism as a learning theory, and technological experimentation and innovation in early cMOOCs. Phase Two : xMOOCs, Learning Analytics, Assessment, and Critical Discourses about MOOCs 2012-2013. Themes of Phase Two include : the rise of xMOOCs, further development of MOOC pedagogy and platforms, growth of learning analytics and assessment, and the emergence of a critical discourse about MOOCs.