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Researching uses of corpora for language teaching and learning) - ReCall, Special Issue, vol. 26, n° 2


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Alex Boulton and Pascual Pérez-Paredes (dir.)

-  The use of corpus examples for language comprehension and production

Ana Frankenberg-Garcia

-  The effects of using corpora on revision tasks in L2 writing with coded error feedback

-  The effects of paper-based DDL on the acquisition of lexico-grammatical patterns in L2 writing

Zeping Huang

-  The role of guided induction in paper-based data-driven learning

Jonathan Smart

-  Enhancing writing pedagogy with learner corpus data

Elena Cotos

-  Discovering formulaic language through data-driven learning : Student attitudes and efficacy

Joe Geluso and Atsumi Yamaguchi

-  The use of general and specialized corpora as reference sources for academic English writing : A case study

Ji-Yeon Chang

-  Is this enough ? A qualitative evaluation of the effectiveness of a teacher-training course on the use of corpora in language education

Agnieszka Leńko-Szymańska