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Thomas Szende

Second Culture Teaching and Learning. An Introduction - 2014


Peter Lang, Berne

462 pages.

ISBN 978-3-0343-1457-2 hb. (Hardcover)

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eBook : ISBN 978-3-0351-0666-4

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This monograph offers an incisive analysis of how the second language learner can achieve cultural proficiency, which is more than a set of rules and facts to be memorized by rote. How can the cultural dimension be taken into account, among the many choices of instructional material and language assessment tools ? Is it possible to distinguish levels of cultural competence ? How can the degree of cultural proximity between the source language and the target language influence the acquisition process ? What strategies should be implemented in order to decode any cultural pitfalls ? This handy guide addresses these and many other frequently asked questions underpinning language teaching methodology.

Illustrated with a broad range of classroom-based examples, this book presents language as inextricably intertwined with social relations. The variety of languages involved (Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Hungarian, French and English) makes the volume especially attractive for language educators seeking effective teaching strategies in specific local contexts around the globe.

Contents : Languages, Cultures and Globalization - Mother Culture and Foreign Culture - Words And Ways of Saying Things - Discourse and Interaction - Alterity and Imagination - Culture : Pedagogical Challenges.

About the author(s)

Thomas Szende is Professor of Hungarian and Applied Linguistics at INALCO (University of Oriental Languages and Civilizations, Paris, France) and Director of the PLIDAM Research Centre (Pluralité des Langues et des Identités : Didactique, Acquisition, Médiations). His research interests include Second Language Acquisition as well as Hungarian Grammar, Bilingual Lexicography and Translation.