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Digital games for language learning : challenges and opportunities - ReCall, volume 24 - Issue 03 - septembre 2012



-  Editorial : Digital games for language learning : from hype to insight ?

Frederik Cornillie, Steven L. Thorne and Piet Desmet

-  Between learning and playing ? Exploring learners’ perceptions of corrective feedback in an immersive game for English pragmatics

Frederik Cornillie, Geraldine Clarebout and Piet Desmet

-  The semiotic ecology and linguistic complexity of an online game world

Steven L. Thorne, Ingrid Fischer and Xiaofei Lu

-  Gaming as extramural English L2 learning and L2 proficiency among young learners

Liss Kerstin Sylvén and Pia Sundqvist

-  Affordances for second language learning in World of Warcraft

Paul S. Rama, Rebecca W. Black, Elizabeth van Es and Mark Warschauer

-  Multimodal analysis of language learning in World of Warcraft play : Languaging as Values-realizing

Dongping Zheng, Kristi Newgarden and Michael F. Young •

-  Learner interaction in a massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) : A sociocultural discourse analysis

Mark Peterson