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Michael Byram, Lynne Parmenter (dir.)

The Common European Framework of Reference - The Globalisation of Language Education Policy - 2012


Multilingual Matters

Series : Languages for Intercultural Communication and Education

296 pages

Hbk ISBN 9781847697301

Pbk ISBN 9781847697295

124.95 €

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A comparative study of the impact of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages produced by the Council of Europe in 2001, this book asks writers in European countries and countries in the Americas and Asia to explain the infl uence of the CEFR. For each country there is a policy-maker and an academic perspective.

Author information

Michael Byram taught languages in secondary school and adult education. At Durham University since 1980, now emeritus, he has researched the education of linguistic minorities and foreign language education. His most recent book is From Foreign Language Education to Education for Intercultural Citizenship (Multilingual Matters) and he is the editor of the Routledge Encyclopedia of Language Teaching and Learning.

Lynne Parmenter is a Principal Lecturer in International Education at the Institute of Education, Manchester Metropolitan University. Until 2010, she spent 17 years teaching in schools and universities in Japan. Her main research interests are in global citizenship education and the negotiation of education policy and practice in the context of globalization.

Introduction Michael Byram and Lynne Parmenter

The Common European Framework of Reference : learning, teaching, assessment

1. John Trim : The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and its Background : a Case Study of Cultural Politics and Educational Infl uences

The CEFR in Europe


2. Francis Goullier : Policy perspectives from France

3. Veronique Castellotti : Academic perspectives from France


4. Henny Rönneper : Policy perspectives from Germany

5. Adelheid Hu : Academic perspectives from Germany


6. Maria Stoicheva : Policy perspectives from Bulgaria

7. Maria Stoicheva and Pavlina Stefanova : Academic perspectives from Bulgaria


8. Pawel Poszytek : Policy perspectives from Poland

9. Hanna Komorowska : Academic perspectives from Poland

Commentary on the European cases

Michael Byram and Lynne Parmenter

The CEFR beyond Europe : America


10. Melina Porto and Silvana Barboni : Policy perspectives from Argentina

11. Melina Porto : Academic perspectives from Argentina


12. Beatriz Peña Dix and Anne-Marie de Mejía : Policy perspectives from Colombia

13. Anne-Marie de Mejía : Academic perspectives from Colombia


14. Jacqueline Van Houten : Policy perspectives from the USA

15. Heidi Byrnes : Academic perspectives from the USA

The CEFR beyond Europe : Asia-Pacific China

16. Weicheng Zou : Perspectives from China


17. Masako Sugitani and Yuichi Tomita : Perspectives from Japan


18. Jessica Wu : Policy perspectives from Taiwan

19. Hintat Cheung : Academic perspectives from Taiwan

New Zealand

20. Glenda Koefoed : Policy perspectives from New Zealand

21. Adèle Scott and Martin East : Academic perspectives from New Zealand

Commentary on cases beyond Europe

Lynne Parmenter and Michael Byram


Lynne Parmenter and Michael Byram