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Michael Thomas, Hayo Reinders (dir.)

Task-Based Language Learning and Teaching with Technology - 2010 - 2012


Online presentation


Pub. date : 23 Apr 2012 (for the paperback edition)

ISBN : 9781441124012

272 pages


This edited collection considers the relationship between task-based language teaching (TBLT) and technology-enhanced learning. TBLT is concerned with a number of macro-tasks such as information gathering and problem-solving as well as evaluative tasks, all of which are increasingly available via online and Web-based technologies. Technology Enhanced Learning refers to a broad conception of technology use in the language classroom and incorporates a range of interactive learning technologies such as Interactive Whiteboards and mobile learning devices.

The popularity of Web 2.0 technologies (blogs, wikis, social networking sites, podcasting, virtual worlds), as well as practical applications of mobile learning, place a fresh emphasis on creating project-orientated language learning tasks with a clear real-world significance for learners of foreign languages. This book examines the widespread interest in these new technology-enhanced learning environments and looks at how they are being used to promote task-based learning. This book will appeal to practioners and researchers in applied linguistics, second language acquisition and education studies.

Table of Contents

List of Abbreviations \ List of Figures and Tables \ List of Contributors \ Foreword Rod Ellis \ 1. Introduction Michael Thomas and Hayo Reinders \

PART I. RESEARCH ON TASKS IN CALL \ 2. Research on the Use of Technology in Task-Based Language Teaching Andreas Müller-Hartmann and Marita Schocker-v. Ditfurth \ 3. Task-Based Language Teaching in Networked-Based CALL : An Analysis of Research on Learner Interaction in Synchronous CMC Mark Peterson \ 4. Taking Intelligent CALL to Task Matthias Schulze \ 5. Effects of Multimodality in Computer-Mediated Communication Tasks Glenn Stockwell \ 6. Measuring Complexity in Task-Based Synchronous Computer-Mediated Communication Karina Collentine \

PART II. APPLYING TECHNOLOGY-MEDIATED TASKS \ 7. Task Design for a Virtual Learning Environment in a Distance Language Course Regine Hampel \ 8. Teacher Development, TBLT and Technology Thomas Raith and Volker Hegelheimer \ 9. Edubba : Real-world Writing Tasks in a Virtual World Kenneth Reeder \ 10. The Enactment of Task Design in Telecollaboration 2.0 Mirjam Hauck \ 11. Afterword : Future Directions for Technology-Mediated Tasks Gary Motteram and Michael Thomas \ Index


Michael Thomas is Professor in English at Nagoya University of Commerce & Business, Japan, and Editor of International Journal of Virtual and Personal Learning Environments.

Hayo Reinders is Head of Language and Learning Support at Middlesex University, London, UK, and Editor of Innovation in Language Learning and Teaching.