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International Journal of Applied Linguistics - Appel permanent



Edited By : Janina Brutt-Griffler and Daniel Perrin

Online ISSN : 1473-4192

The International Journal of Applied Linguistics (InJAL) is published in co-operation with AILA since 2007. The union promotes the goal of encouraging international scholarship that both the Journal and the Association share. AILA members receive a 20% discount on InJAL.

AILA is the acronym for Association Internationale de Linguistique Appliquée or International Association of Applied Linguistics.

AILA is the international federation of national or regional associations of Applied Linguistics. Through its member associations, AILA currently has a membership of more than 8.000 individuals worldwide who as researchers, policy makers or practitioners are active in the field of Applied Linguistics.

Applied Linguistics is an interdisciplinary field of research and practice dealing with practical problems of language and communication that can be identified, analysed or solved by applying available theories, methods and results of Linguistics or by developing new theoretical and methodological frameworks in Linguistics to work on these problems.