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ReCALL Vol 22 (1) January 2010



-  Editorial

Françoise Blin

-  Differences that make the difference : a study of functionalities in synchronous CMC

Marie-Madeleine Kenning

-  The effects of task type in Synchronous Computer-Mediated Communication

Yucel Yilmaz

-  A social and self-reflective approach to MALL

Cristina Ros i Solé, Jelena Calic and Daisy Neijmann

-  CALL teacher education as an impetus for L2 teachers in integrating technology

Kwang Hee Hong

-  EFL students’ vocabulary learning in NS-NNS e-mail interactions : Do they learn new words by imitation ?

Akihiko Sasaki and Osamu Takeuchi

-  Utilizing lexical data from a Web-derived corpus to expand productive collocation knowledge

Shaoqun Wu, Margaret Franken and Ian H. Witten

-  Book Review

-  EUROCALL Resources