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Cédric Sarré & Shona Whyte (eds)

New developments in ESP teaching and learning research - 2017


Available in Open Access

Table of contents

-  Foreword - Douglas, Dan.

-  Introduction to new developments in ESP teaching and learning research - Whyte, Shona ; Sarré, Cédric.

-  Using video materials in English for technical sciences : a case study - Milosevic, Danica.

-  Dynamic and complex system approach to needs analysis, course development and evaluation of LANSOD courses in a French musicology undergraduate programme - Labetoulle, Aude.

-  Designing and implementing ESP courses in French higher education : a case study - Birch-Bécaas, Susan ; Hoskins, Laüra.

-  Towards a dynamic approach to analysing student motivation in ESP courses - Schug, Daniel ; Le Cor, Gwen.

-  Teaching compound nouns in ESP : insights from cognitive semantics - Fries, Marie-Hélène.

-  When storytelling meets active learning : an academic reading experiment with French MA students - Beaupoil-Hourdel, Pauline ; Josse, Hélène ; Kosmala, Loulou ; Masuga, Katy ; Morgenstern, Aliyah.

-  The SocWoC corpus : compiling and exploiting ESP material for undergraduate social workers - Johnson, Jane Helen.

-  Identifying and responding to learner needs at the medical faculty : the use of audio-visual specialised fiction (FASP) - Franklin-Landi, Rebecca.

-  The effect of form-focussed pre-task activities on accuracy in L2 production in an ESP course in French higher education - Starkey-Perret, Rebecca ; Belan, Sophie ; Lê Ngo, Thi Phuong ; Rialland, Guillaume. This collective volume is freely available online, and purchasable as a paperback (17.9 EUR excluding shipping).