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ITILT mini-guides for language teaching with technology - Digital Resources ; Digital Tools ; Digital Networks - 2017



These three guides are for language teachers working in technology-mediated task-based approaches to second/foreign language teaching and learning.

They were prepared during the Erasmus+ project ITILT, on Interactive Teaching in Languages with Technology, involving teachers and learners of 4 different EU languages in 5 countries : English in Belgium, France, Germany, French in Belgium, Turkish in Turkey, and Welsh in the UK.

Novice and experienced classroom teachers at primary, secondary, and university level worked to collect practice examples of task-based teaching with different technologies : tablets (iPads), mobile phones, and video communication. The website gives an video overview of each task, plus a series of short clips to highlight different activities in the task sequence. Teacher and learner commentary then give participant perspectives on the tasks.

The project also aimed to develop an online community of practice bringing together ITILT teachers in different countries to share tips and experiences. Teachers in different countries were filmed at different points over the 3-year lifetime of the project.

The guides each offer

-  an introduction to the theme - resources, tools, or networks,
-  a key illustration which is situated in language education theory,
-  discussion of a range of examples of classroom tasks from the project, and
-  links and references for further reading.