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Gimeno, A., Levy, M. et Blin, F. (dir.)

WorldCALL : sustainability and computer-assisted language learning. 2015


London ; New York : Bloomsbury

Academic Series : Advances in Digital Language Learning and Teaching

ISBN : 9781474248303

List price : $146.00

This volume focuses on computer- and digitally-assisted language learning in all of its forms : technology-enhanced language learning, network-based language learning, mobile-assisted language learning and so on, in close relation to the topic of sustainability. How can these technologies and techniques be implemented in a sustainable and repeatable way ? The book covers a wide range of areas in terms of this "sustainability". These include :

(1) education (teacher/learner training)

(2) normalisation (integration)

(3) systems (reliability, support, development)

(4) mobility (mobile-assisted language leaning)

(5) innovation (trends, research)

The volume samples research and practice in CALL from around the world, organised into sections. It has an introduction and a conclusion written by the editors (Ana Gimeno, Mike Levy, Françoise Blin and David Barr) which covers the state of the art at the moment and directions it is likely to take in the future.